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Q&A with RMetS volunteer Gemma Plumb

Q&A with RMetS volunteer Gemma Plumb


20 June 2024

We spoke recently with Gemma Plumb FRMetS, about her activities as an RMetS volunteer. Gemma is a meteorologist and dedicated science communicator, presenter, writer, and podcast host and producer!


RMetS: Hi Gemma! Tell us, what is your background?

GP: Hi RMetS! I am an operational meteorologist as well as one of the hosts of the ‘For the love of weather podcast’ and have recently started to do some weather presenting for the BBC. I hope that during my career I can help to make weather and climate accessible to all, as well as to encourage more women and girls to get into weather and climate. I want to show everyone how awesome the weather is. 

RMetS: And how did you come to volunteer with RMetS?

GP: Well, volunteering has always been something that has been important to me and I wanted to do more outreach in weather and climate. So, I reached out to the RMetS to see if there were any volunteering opportunities available. I currently write articles for the RMetS MetMatters website and am on the board of the Weather journal. I have also in the past helped to write the captions for the weather photographer of the year and helped to go through the UK curriculum to see how climate change could be incorporated into different subjects such as economics.


RMetS: And have you found volunteering with RMetS helpful?  What kind of benefits do you see from it?

GP: Through writing articles for the RMetS’s MetMatters website I have improved my written communication skills. I have also been able to research and learn more about different weather and climate topics. I have meet lots of brilliant people during my time volunteering with the RMetS, and I get to share my love of the weather with others.

RMetS: What advice would you give to others who may be thinking about volunteering with RMetS?

GP: If someone is thinking about volunteering with RMetS I would say to definitely do it. It is fun and really rewarding. Reach out to see what opportunities are available or if you have a specific idea of something you would like to help with then don’t be afraid to mention it to someone at the RMetS.

Upcoming Opportunity

Gemma and Aisling Creevey, who produce the ‘For the love of weather podcast’, will be at the RMetS inaugural Annual Weather and Climate Conference, 8 – 10 July 2024, giving attendees the opportunity to appear on a special edition of the show! If you’d like to book a 10-minute interview slot with Gemma and Aisling to talk about your work and other topics of interest, please let us know:

20 June 2024

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